PRIME North America Vol.5 Issue 6

November/December 2017 | CONTENTS 09 Galderma announces FDA approval for injecting Restylane® Silk via cannula 10 Silk’n unveils new home-use device 14 SKINADE: anewagefornutraceuticals Wendy Lewis explains why SKINADE® is at the forefront of the professionally dispensed drinkable beauty trend 20 Nextgenerationsuturesuspensionliftsarepicking upsteamintheU.S. Fueled by strong patient demand, Silhouette InstaLift™ is filling an unmet need in aesthetic practitioners’ treatment toolbox 24 BodyshapingwithSculpSure®non-invasive laser treatment Steve Powell shares two case studies using the Sculpsure system for fat reduction and body shaping 30 Avoiding intravascularcomplicationsafter filler injection Steve Powell DrsMuhammadHumayunMohmand , MuhammadAhmad , and Armeela Javaid demonstrate an innovative way to avoid injecting filler material into blood vessels 34 Trends inabdominoplasty RichardA. Baxter reviews the current trends in abdominoplasty, including to drain or not to drain, the MoMs makeover, and TAP Blocks 38 Stayingcompetitive: howflexible financecanhelp youenhancegrowth 40 Tips forbuildingastrongclinicbrand 44 BobFabbio: eRelevance PRIME talks to Bob Fabbio , Founder and CEO of eRelevance, about how their marketing technology services, designed specifically for aesthetic healthcare practices, can help you extend the lifetime value of your existing patients 46 IntroducingNovaThreads®: dissolvable threads for skin tighteningand lifting 48 Product and case study winners of the Anti-Aging Beauty Trophy 2017 52 The latest product news and technologies for the aesthetic and anti-ageing industry 54 A round-up of the major industry events happening around the world over the next 12 months p24 p34 p30 p10 p40 | November/December 2017 7