PRIME North America Vol.5 Issue 6

| ANTI-AGING & BEAUTY TROPHYWINNERS 2017 | November/December 2017 49 redermalization and an innovativemethod for efficient aging prevention and skin restoration, affecting all the threemain pathogenic skin aging mechanisms: regulates biochemical and physiological processes in cells; efficiently blocks free radicals; prevents skin dehydration. 2} Endoret Gel, BTI Biotechnology Institute. BTI Biotechnology Institute presents its newdevelopment for wrinkle filling based on Endoret PRGF Technology: Endoret Gel ® . Endoret Gel ® is the new biomaterial for wrinkle attenuationwith viscoelastic properties and is completely autologous with bioactive properties, thanks to the presence of growth factors and proteins in the formulation. Endoret Gel ® provides great volume enhancement and tissue regeneration derived from its optimized biological and biomechanical properties. 3} RRS Hyalift 75 Proactive (3ml syringe), Skin Tech Pharma Group. As a pioneer in the field of AestheticMedicine since 1996, Skin Tech Pharma Group strives to offer complete and innovative solutions for themost frequently requested indications in aesthetic dermatology. These include peelings, injectable solutions, classical mesotherapy and cosmeceuticals. BODY SHAPING TECHNOLOGY Finalists 1} Cellfina®, MERZ Aesthetics. Merz Aesthetics nowoffers a minimally invasive treatment option designed to improve the appearance of cellulite. The Cellfina ® Treatment is delivered by the Cellfina ® System, which combines a highly advanced, proprietary technologywith a well-established procedure called Subcision ® to treat the underlying structural problem that causes cellulite for long-lasting results that last at least three years. 2} Body By BTL, BTL Industries. The new Body By BTL program, consisting of the BTL VanquishME, BTL Exilis System and BTL X-Wave, represents a powerful portfolio of non-invasive products that restores the silhouette from head to toe. Minimizing the non-responder rate, the Body By BTL delivers ultimate body shaping, skin tightening, facial rejuvenation and cellulite reduction results. COSMETICS Finalists 1} Universkin P + Active Ingredients, UNIVERSKIN. Imagine Universkin™ as a classy, bespoke cocktail—the client tells the practitioner what theywant from their skincare, and the physician or a top clinical staff identify the client's needs with their expertise and experience, thus creating a unique combination of active ingredients, just for the individual client. To design the formula, a skin analysis is conducted through a questionnaire structured in 8 colors corresponding to the 8main skin functions enabling the selection of the relevant active ingredients out of the 19we have available. The practitioner will choose the active ingredients and the client will choose the texture they like. Up to 1159 potential formulas, in 57 different concentrations are possible. In record time—less than 1 minute—the client's skincare formulawill be ready. It can be fine-tuned over time tomatch the client's lifestyle, age, skin condition, seasonal and environmental aggressions. 2} RHA® hydrogel mask, TEOXANE Laboratories. An innovative and unique blend of RHA resilient hyaluronic acid and hydrogel in amasking formula for an intensely hydrated, toned and radiant skin from the first application. The hydrogel, BEST CLINICAL CASE STUDY WINNERS Jean-Paul Foumentez, France Best clinical case in treatments with threads Andrea Bonanno, Switzerland Best clinical case in surgical facial rejuvenation Albina Kajaia, Georgia Best clinical case in nose correction Ting Song Lim, Malaysia Best clinical case in non- invasive body reshaping Sandrine Sebban, France Best clinical case in non surgical facial rejuvenation Paolo Bonan, Italy Best clinical case in laser procedure Claudio Tomella, Italy Best clinical case in anti-aging medicine BEST PRODUCT WINNERS MERZ Aesthetics Cellfina® Best body shaping technology UNIVERSKIN UNIVERSKIN P Best cosmetic product TEOXANE SA Teosyal ® RHA 4 Best dermal filler BTL Industries Exilis Ultra 360 Best energy-based device Institute Hyalual Xela Rederm Best skin enhancer Aptos LLC Aptos threads Best tightening thread TSK Laboratory 3DOSE Unit Dose Injector Best tools and devices