PRIME North America Vol.5 Issue 6

ANTI-AGING & BEAUTY TROPHYWINNERS 2017 | 48 November/December 2017 | Anti-Aging&Beauty TrophyWinners 2017 TheAnti-Aging&BeautyTrophy ispresentedbyEuroMediComandWOSIAM. Judged in 14categories, products and treatments are ratedbyhealth professionals, journalists, and thegeneral public DERMAL FILLERS Finalists 1} TEOSYAL® RHA 4, TEOXANE SA. Benefiting from the latest technology "Preserved Network' by TEOXANE Laboratories, RHA 4 is made of highmolecular weight HA and an optimized degree of crosslinking for unique rheological properties. At the same time highly stretchable and resistant, RHA 4 is adapted to superficial subcutaneous injections where other volumizers usually need to be placed in the deepest layer. By filling superficial fat compartments, RHA 4 provides soft volume enhancement while preserving facial dynamism and expressiveness. 2} Radiesse®(+) Lidocaine, MERZ Aesthetics. Radiesse ® (+) Lidocaine combines the proven efficacy and safety of Radiesse ® with extra treatment comfort. The product provides an immediate lifting effect and stimulates the natural production of collagen, providing the lasting results that patients and physicians expect fromRadiesse ® , as well as significant reduction in pain due to the addition of lidocaine within each syringe. In Europe, Radiesse ® (+) Lidocaine is indicated for plastic/reconstructive procedures, including deep dermal and subdermal soft tissue augmentation of the facial area and restoration and correction of facial volume loss. 3} Restylane, Galderma. RESTYLANE ® NASHA technology (Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid) is the first injectables brand with non- animal hyaluronic acid. NASHA technology represents several fillers and skinboosters, with or without lidocaine, which have differing gel sizes for a long-lasting lifting capacity. 4} Liquidimplant, NOVACUTIS INC. Liquidimplant is a complete HA filler family and includes SubCutis for facial volumization and contouring, Cutis to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, as well as Labium to enhance and contour lips. Liquidimplant is a non-animal based HA filler gel manufactured by bio-fermentation and the risks of allergic reactions are minimal. Liquidimplant exceeds the highest standards of purity for HA's, and as a result, it is extremely safe and nonpathogenic for human use. 5} Algeness, Advanced Aesthetic Technologies. Inc. Algeness, leading the growing trend to all natural aesthetic procedures, is the first all natural fully biodegradable injectable implant offering immediate results in aesthetic and therapeutic enhancement and correction procedures. TIGHTENING THREADS AND SUTURES Finalists 1} Aptos Threads: Visage, Light Lift, Nano, Sole, Body; Aptos LLC. Aptos threads are a non- invasive method for face and body lifting, contouring and rejuvenation. The threads are presented with specially designed barbs, meant to carry out both lifting and rejuvenation. Once inserted into subdermal tissue, the barbs lift the skin, creating fibrosis and stimulate formation of new collagen necessary to provide support for the soft tissues as well as lift the tissue and hold them in an upright position. As a result, better facial contour is visible immediately after the procedure. Aptos threads are available both in permanent (polypropylene) and resorbable (polylactic acid/caprolactone) versions. Both materials are safe and have been widely used in surgery for more than 50 years. The results after thread-lift last for 1.5–5 years, depending on thread composition. Aptos threads are sold worldwide. They have CE Mark, ISO certificate, and pending for FDA approval. Clinical and safety studies have been performed in the US and Europe. These guarantee the quality throughout the entire manufacturing process. 2} LUXEFACE threads & concept, A SWISS GROUP. LUXEFACE is the world's first technique for non-surgical skin rejuvenation for the face using absorbable threads. Developed in 2010 by Dr. Dorina Donici, the aimof the concept is to provide a high-quality range of products at a competitive price starting with a base line up to a luxury line. The LUXEFACEmethod was conceived for all skin types—fromdry flabby skin to pigmented, acneic or heavy skin. With a three step treatment: rejuvenation, lifting, and volumizing; LUXEFACE not only gave a new concept but also presented for the first time in the world the ligature technique that is now very popular in the aesthetic field. SKIN ENHANCER Finalists 1} Xela Rederm, Institute Hyalual. A product for