PRIME North America Vol.5 Issue 6 | November/December 2017 43 | BUILDING A BRAND | PRACTICE MANAGEMENT and treatments week after week, year after year, your practice can start to get stagnant. Rebranding is a useful tactic to enhance your clinic brand so that it stands out fromall the other clinics in the market offering the same or similar services and products. For example, you may decide to incorporate women’s heath into the service offering in an aesthetic clinic that was previously focused on skin treatments and products. Thischangemaynecessitatearebranding process to be more female-focused and expand the patients they may want to attract to this new treatment category. Another example may be if the practice loses or adds a new partner or incorporates medical spa services or a body shaping component to a practice that was primarily offering facial procedures. Choose imagery, words, phrases to convey your message effectively and clearly, so there is no brand confusion. For instance, going from ‘Northern Indiana Plastic Surgery, LLC’ to ‘Aesthetic Surgery & MedSpa of Northern Indiana’ has a very different feel. Nowadd a tagline as a descriptor, such as, ‘Where Beauty & Wellness Converge.’ The next step would be to create a new logo that reflects this new positioning with a browser-friendly font andmodern design. A rebrand can be disruptive enough to catch renewed attention and reinvigorate your target audience. It can transform the core of your practice into much more than just a place to get lips injected, brown spots lasered off, or a flatter tummy. It can be transformed into a whole new brand experience for your patients and clients. Add something extra to your brand by improving the offerings that already exist to take them to the next level, and adding some new ones. Then, communicate it in a bigway tomake the brand feel fresh and restore some life to it. Lastly, you need to make sure that you can live up to those new brand promises of personalized service, advanced technologies, pampering environment, caring staff, superior results, etc. Whatever route you take, always stay true to your brand. Your brand is not just about the products; it’s also about the people. People cannot be duplicated. 6 KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL REBRANDING 1 Rebrand when your clinic starts to become an entity to take it to the next level 2 Do not rebrand too often to avoid customer confusion 3 Maintain the critical elements of your brand equity throughout the process 4 Conduct a patient survey to find out what they think about your brand now 5 Be consistent; if you choose a new practice name and logo, upgrade all marketing materials, URLs, social media handles, to reflect the change 6 Choose the words and images that are on the mind of the consumer you want to reach Read up on aesthetic clinicmarketing in a new book by PRIME Editorial Board member WENDY LEWIS — Aesthetic Clinic Marketing in the Digital Age (CRC Press). Order your copy today at crcpress. com—use PR15 to get a special 15% discount. Illustrations ©Kevin February