PRIME North America Vol.5 Issue 6

GUEST EDITORIAL | T HIS YEAR’S COSMETIC SURGERY FORUM (NOVEMBER 29TH TO DECEMBER 2nd at the Bellagio, Las Vegas) has gathered experienced cosmetic and dermatologic surgeons from around the world to exchange ideas and to learn collaboratively, creating one of the most exciting educational meetings in the industry. Over the course of four days, attendees will become a part of the course with hands-on demonstrations, honest, practical, and lively discussions, while earning up to 22 AMA Category 1 Credits. Here are a few exciting new topics to look forward to this year: ■ ■ Addressing the Needs of Male Aesthetic Patients . Growing demand over the past several years has been driven by the availability of new treatments, as well as by increased demand for cosmetic services among men. Men had just over 10% of all surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures last year. We’ll address the specifics of working with and delivering highly desirable results to the male vs. female aesthetic patient. ■ ■ New Neurotoxin Indications . New indications have been announced for neurotoxins over the past several years, including crow’s feet and forehead lines for Botox. What will be next and how do we integrate these into our practices? Since most of us are already doing these, will it change the way we practice? ■ ■ Off-Label Uses . New developments inminimally invasive procedures are creating demand for education of physicians and staff on novel methods of action, treatment administration, and long-term practice management. For example, experienced users are experimenting with the off-label use of Kybella for the treatment of fat deposits at non-approved anatomic sites. ■ ■ Vaginal Rejuvenation . The field of feminine rejuvenation is expected to expand in coming months as several new treatments, including laser and radiofrequency technologies, have come to market, increasing the need for cosmetic surgeons to learn about the available treatments and their effects. We will discuss the pros and cons as well as whether it is truly the domain of the dermatologist! ■ ■ Advancements in Cosmeceuticals . Cosmeceuticals are readily available and heavily marketed to patients and, therefore, dermatologists need to stay abreast of changes and the latest research available on ingredients and new delivery systems. We’ll be discussing the continued interest in anti-aging and skin-protective products containing hydroxy acids, antioxidants such as vitamin C and B3 (niacinamide), botanicals, depigmenting agents, vitamin A (retinoid derivatives), peptides, provitamin B5 (panthenol), and sugar amines such as N-acetyl glucosamine and ceramides. Advancements in cosmeceuticals include coenzyme Q10, polyphenols, signal peptides, transport peptides, growth factors and carnosine for anti-aging applications. As always, we welcome your input and we welcome discussion. This is, first and foremost, the goal of CSF! We welcome you to the 2017 Cosmetic Surgery Forum! 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