PRIME North America Vol.5 Issue 6

For more information, please contact: Natasha Mohr | 402.697.6564 | Honest Insightful Practical “There’s been really honest discussion and people are really sharing their views and I love that about this meeting.” Erin Gilbert, MD - Brooklyn, NY “Listening to the controversy and the real thought stimulation going on in the sessions really make this a lot of fun.” Matthew Zirwas, MD - Columbus, OH “This is always one of the best treats of the year because of the communication amongst the panelists, lecturers and people in the audience.” Michael Gold, MD - Nashville, TN “So many of the luminaries speak about what their real passions are from the podium.” Carl Thornfeldt, MD - Fruitland, ID Discussions In Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology November 29 - December 2, 2017 | Bellagio Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, Nevada Course Director: Joel Schlessinger, MD “I leave here every year with something for practice management, something for my staff, something for my patients and something for me.” Brooke Jackson, MD - Chapel Hill, NC Registration Now Open Get in from March 1 - June 17 and save $150!