PRIME North America Vol.5 Issue 6 | November/December 2017 3 W ELCOME TO THE NOVEMBER/DECEMBER ISSUE OF PRIME JOURNAL and the final edition of the year. A big thank you to all our contributors and sponsors, and, of course, you the reader. Many of you recently took part in our annual readership survey and the results have, as ever, been illuminating. Analysing your responses allows us to findways to improve our content and give youmore of what youwant. Many of you stated you only read articles that interested you, but with the majority spending more than 30minutes reading any given issue, there’s clearly plenty of content to grab your attention. Ideally, I’d rather you all read the issue cover-to-cover, and I recognise there’s work to be done to achieve that aim. One way to improve the journal is to give youmore of the content you want. When asked to rate our features, I was pleased to find our peer-reviewed content rated highly. Peer-reviewed articles always have and will forever remain a cornerstone of the journal, and I’mworking hard on commissioning more content from some of the world’s most distinguished aesthetic practitioners for the year ahead. It was also clear from your responses that you want more practice management content, perhaps mirroring the increase in practice management sessions at many of the industry’s largest events, such as Vegas Cosmetic Surgery, which includes a practice management track alongside its clinical content. Industry expert and regular contributor, Wendy Lewis has done such an excellent job in updating you on the latest marketing technologies and techniques, including the social media landscape, new rules of content marketing, and understanding the reasons your clients break-up with you, that it’s no wonder you would want more. We’ve also had terrific contributions covering topics as varied as turning around a failing business, conversational marketing, and acquisition strategies. Our Practice Pearls and case study features also rated highly, supporting my belief that many of you are just as interested in what your colleagues are doing in their practice as you are on scientific studies. Product news also rated very highly, with 53% of respondents ‘very interested’ in the feature and only 3% ‘not interested.’ A clear signal we need to include more product content in our 2018 edition. If you have any other suggestions or would like to contribute to the journal, we’d welcome you to get in touch. Finally, for all our readers picking up a copy at Cosmetic Surgery Forum, if you wish to continue to receive printed copies of PRIME , please visit and subscribe to both our printed and digital editions. Subscription to PRIME also comes with the option of a free 1-year subscription to our partner organisation— the World Society of Interdisciplinary Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine (WOSIAM). Membership to WOSIAM will provide you with special discounted rates to many international conferences, as well as a host of scientific books and journals. Balraj Juttla Editor, PRIME Affiliatedpartners: | EDITORIAL Follow us @PrimeJournal FINDUSON TWITTER, FACEBOOK & LINKEDIN Join PRIME’s editorial team for the latest updates in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine, debates, and interaction with your peers and colleagues, conference information and special offers Delicious Facebook Slash Dot Reddit Flickr MySpace Mixx FriendFeed Twitter StumbleUpon Skype YouTube Retweet Digg Technorati LinkedIn Flickr Twitter Retweet Search for Prime Journal Follow us @PrimeJournal Delicious Facebook Flickr MySpace Twitter Stumble Search for Prime Journal Cover image Shutterstock Retouching Linda Duong Analysing your responses allows us to findways to improve our content and give youmore of what youwant. ABDOMINOPLASTY Trends in FILLER INJECTIONS AVOIDING INTRAVASCULAR COMPLICATIONS BODYSHAPING WITHANON-INVASIVE LASERTREATMENT BRANDBUILDING TIPSAND INSIGHTSTO MARKETYOURCLINIC eRelevance ❚ NewsAnd Events ❚ Flexible Finance ❚ Anti-Aging& Beauty TrophyWinners Nov/Dec2017 Volume5 ❙ Issue6 INTERNATIONAL JOURNALOFAESTHETICANDANTI-AGEINGMEDICINE