PRIME North America Vol.5 Issue 6

BODY SHAPINGWITH SCULPSURE ® NON-INVASIVE LASER TREATMENT ABSTRACT There is increasing demand for alternative non-invasive procedures which can address targeted fat reduction, deliver rapid results, but do not disrupt everyday routine for the patient with risks of side effects or significant recovery time. Hyperthermic lasers were originally used as an adjunct to traditional surgical liposuction procedures, providing laser lipolysis within the subcutaneous tissue to facilitate fat breakdown and extraction. Exploiting this process, the Sculpsure® was developed to allow similar fat destruction through bulk heating of the adipose tissue by direct application to the skin surface, with no downtime for the patient and minimum side effects. The treatment is fast and versatile, using flat, non-vacuum applicators that can be configured to target each patient’s individual needs. In this article, we look the practical procedure of Sculpsure®; the first FDA cleared hyperthermic laser for non-invasive body shaping, it’s possible side effects and discuss two patient cases who have undergone the procedure. T HE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE AND NON-INVASIVE ROUTE FOR BODY shaping remains a carefully managed diet and activity programme. Maintaining calories consumed to be less than calories used day-to-day will result in gradual weight and fat loss fromall over the body. However, lifestyle and the desire for fast and specifically anatomical targeted results make body shaping treatments the fastest growing aesthetic treatment option today. The speed of this growth is boosted further by the consumer fascination with Celebrity and their trend of making medical aesthetic procedures more acceptable inmainstream society. In 2016, the global market for all body shaping and skin tightening device platforms and disposables reached $996 million, and it is expected to expand by 14.5% per year through to 2021, driven by this rising consumer interest 1 . There are many different treatment options available, from surgical tumescent liposuction and laser lipolysis using lasers inside the tissue as an adjunct to the traditional liposuction technique; through to non-invasive fat reduction techniques using laser, selective cryo-therapy, high-frequency focused ultrasound, radiofrequency devices (mono-, bi- and multi-polar), magnetic field therapy, lipid dissolving and endermology/vacuum/massage. While liposuction remains the most common single technique, the procedure is not without associated risk, recovery and down-time. There is increasing demand for the alternative non-invasive methods to provide the rapid KEYWORDS Sculpsure, non-invasive laser, body contouring STEVE POWELL, MD, Owner of LaserSculpt body-contouring clinics. These UK clinics are specialist SculpSure® providers that focus entirely on non- surgical body transformation. email StevePowell shares twocase studiesusing theSculpsure systemfor fat reductionandbodyshaping CASE STUDY | NON-INVASIVE LASER TREATMENT | 24 November/December 2017 |