PRIME Journal Vol. 9 Issue 5

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT | MARKETING | 70 September/October 2019 | WendyLewis explainswhy leadingwithyour best featuresmaynot beawinning strategy HOW NOTTO MARKET YOUR SERVICES AND PRODUCTS WENDY LEWIS is President of Wendy Lewis & Co Ltd, Global Aesthetics Consultancy, author of 12 books, and Founder/ Editor-in-Chief of www. . Her newest book is Aesthetic Clinic Marketing in the Digital Age (CRC Press 2018) contact W HEN IT COMES TO DEFINING A marketing strategy, there are two basic approaches you can take. The first focuses on what your products or services are and do, while the other focuses on how they can improve your customers’ lives. Which approach do you want to go with? Clearly, the latter ismore customer-centric, and therefore, more likely to be effective and achieve the growth you want. Features versus benefits It’s natural to strive to create a marketing strategy based on your brand’s best features. After all, they are the first thing that spring to mind when you are trying to stand out from the competition. If you’re making a product, you must identify marketing tactics that focus on the product’s best features. The reasoning is understandable: features are the quantifiable things that your product does to create value for customers. Thus, product features are usually at the centre of a branding exercise. Focusing on product features can make sense in some cases. However, for a high-end aesthetic practice, it may not be the ideal way to present your brand. Product features are useful to provide context; they help people understand what you do and what you offer and can guide them through make purchasing decisions. The downside is that promoting only the features of your offering does not always communicate a compelling enough story to encourage people to become actual clients or patients. If the end goal of your marketing strategy is to increase product sales and generate repeat treatments, it seems reasonable to promote what you do in terms of services. However, you also need to clarify the characteristics that can benefit your Think of it this way; benefits are the equivalent of results.