PRIME Journal Vol. 8 Issue 6

ANTI-AGING & BEAUTY TROPHYWINNERS 2018 | 48 November/December 2018 | Anti-Aging&Beauty TrophyWinners 2018 TheAnti-Aging&BeautyTrophy ispresentedbyEuroMediComandWOSIAM. Judged in 14categories, products and treatments are ratedbyhealth professionals and journalists BEST AESTHETIC DEVICE 3D LIFE VIZ® INFINITY, QUANTIFICARE The LifeViz® Infinity is the first portable 3D imaging systemcapable of capturing face, body, and breast areas thanks to two sets of dual beamer pointers which allow for two distance settings. This unique systemhas two acquisition modes. A tripodmounted camera and turntable quickly capture a 360° 3D body image. Eight images are automatically taken and seamlessly stitched to produce a 'life-like' 3D image of the body for visualization by the physician and patient. In hand-heldmode, the camera is capable of generating 3D images of face and breast to simulate procedures and photo-document before/after interventions, without blocking an entire exam roomwith cumbersome equipment. With a simple flip of a switch, dual beampointers adjust to the distance ideal for face or body applications without the need for cumbersome repositioning and/or multi-headed systems. Superior image quality has been achieved by improving the optic performance. The LifeViz® Infinity produces excellent pictures fromboth near and far thanks to an increased deep field of view. Finally, a powerful external flash removes the need for specific lighting conditions and additional equipment ensuring reproducible images fromone session to the next. The LifeViz® Infinity is comprised of a portable stereovision camera, a software suite including an image database, 3D viewer tool, 3D skin analysis, face, breast, and bodymeasurements and simulation modules. All aspects of 3D documentation, comparison, simulation, andmeasurement ranging frommedical to cosmetic applications are possiblewith this single unique device. BEST NON-INVASIVE BODY SHAPING TECHNOLOGY ONDA, DEKA ONDA, the onlymicrowave delivery controlled system for body shaping, represents the foremost andmost innovative platform for treating fat adiposity, cellulite, and skin laxitywith no side‑effects such as burns or irritation of the epidermal layers. A patent pending handpiece delivery systemdelivers Coolwaves™, special microwaves that selectively target fat cells to reduce localized fat deposits in a safe, effective and non-invasiveway. The accurately controlled microwave emission allows focus to remain on the subdermal layers in order to treat any skin type 365 days a year. Great comfort and short treatments (less than 10minutes a session) makes ONDA themost effective system in the body shaping environment. BEST COSMETIC PRODUCT MESO CITHAIR CARE, MEDIDERMA With the passage of time and exposure to the sun, our skin suffers changes which correlate to the signs of ageing: the barrier function of the skin deteriorates, the expression and response activity of growth factors decreases, oxidative stress increases, and the solidity of the dermo- epidermal juncture decreases. MESO CIT, with growth factors encapsulated in liposomes which are able to reach the deepest layers of the skin, allows us to observe improvement in hair loss. Meso cit hair care stimulates the hair follicle stem cells through the use of the growth factor follistatin encapsulated in liposomes together with a powerful combination of active anti-hair loss agents, capable of penetrating and acting on the deepest layers of the skin. BEST TIGHTENING THREAD APTOS THREADS, APTOS LLC Aptos threads are a non-invasive method of face and body lifting, contouring, and rejuvenation. The methods were invented in 1996 by Georgian plastic surgeon Dr. Marlen Sulamanidze and developed by Dr. George and Konstantin Sulamanidze. It has beenmore than 21 years since the first Aptos thread andmethod were introduced to the aesthetic world. Today, new and old generations of Aptos threads have created an all-inclusive product pipeline for junior, senior, and professional doctors. The central principle is simple—for the junior doctor, who doesn't know thread lifting very well, can use a secure method and a universal product for face and body contouring, such as the Visage thread. However, many doctors prefer to have the ability to choose and use more complex products or methods, using individual techniques for each patient. This gives us a sense of fulfillment and the result belongs more to our