PRIME Journal Vol. 8 Issue 6 | November/December 2018 3 W ELCOME TO THE NOVEMBER/DECEMBER ISSUE OF PRIME JOURNAL and the final edition of the year. A big thank you to all our contributors, sponsors, and, of course, you the reader. Looking at the current issue, I’mpleased to feature Professor Yoshikazu Yonei fromKyoto, Japan. Professor Yonei’s feature looks into the relationship between poor sleep quality, glycative stress and ageing. Massirone Alberto and Lazzari Riccardo fromMilan, Itay evaluate the effectiveness of a topical biomaterial for skin hydration, you can readmore on page 12. As ever, Wendy Lewis is on-hand to share her wisdomon all things marketing. This issue, she looks into patient buying behaviour. Understanding what influences a consumer’s decision to buy or look elsewhere can be a great tool in converting those undecided about using your services to take the plunge and trust youwith delivering the results they are after. Read the full article on p.36. Wendy also published her latest book earlier in the year, Aesthetic ClinicMarketing in the Digital Age, available through CRC Press ( ). With over 20 years of experience inmedical aesthetics, Wendy possesses a unique understanding of the challenges clinics face every day tomarket their products and services ethically, manage patients, and stay profitable. Her book serves as an expert user’s guidewritten specifically for healthcare professionals in need of an in-depth introduction and comprehensive, actionable programme for digital marketing, social media, and aesthetic clinicmanagement. Get 15% off the retail price using our discount code: PRI15. Looking to the newyear, PRIME Journal has to continue to deliver on its focus as a truly international journal. While the USmarket continues to be the largest aesthetic and anti-ageingmarket in theworld, Asia has experienced strong growth in recent years partly due to China opening its market to international brands and technology. The value of the aesthetic and surgical market in Asia grewby over 50% from2014 to 2018 andwill soon outrank Europe in terms of cosmetic industry spending. Withmore aesthetic practitioners plying their trade in Asia than Europe or North America, its only right that I focus more of my attention on covering their techniques, trends and technology in the years ahead. Only then canwe saywe are truly international in our scope and coverage. I hope our North American and European readers will also find our Asia-centric content of interest; Europe and North America alike are diverse and while themajority of patients treated in these regions will be Caucasian, a growing number will be froman Asian background and practitioners need to knowwhat treatments and techniques work best on these patients. Of course, none of this is possiblewithout the help of our expert editorial board and contributors and I will rely on them to commission content that will be of interest to all our readers, nomatter where they are based. If youwould like towrite for us or recommend topics for the year ahead, please get in touch. Balraj Juttla Editor, PRIME Affiliatedpartners: | EDITORIAL Follow us @PrimeJournal FINDUSON TWITTER, FACEBOOK & LINKEDIN Join PRIME’s editorial team for the latest updates in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine, debates, and interaction with your peers and colleagues, conference information and special offers Delicious Facebook Slash Dot Reddit Flickr MySpace Mixx FriendFeed Twitter StumbleUpon Skype YouTube Retweet Digg Technorati LinkedIn Flickr Twitter Retweet Search for Prime Journal Follow us @PrimeJournal Delicious Facebook Flickr MySpace Twitter Stumble Search for Prime Journal Cover image Retouching Linda Duong The value of the aesthetic and surgical market in Asia grew by over 50% from 2014 to 2018 andwill soon outrank Europe in terms of cosmetic industry spending. INTERNATIONAL JOURNALOFAESTHETICANDANTI-AGEINGMEDICINE Nov/Dec2018 Volume8 ❙ Issue6 Industry News ❚ Practice Management ❚ PRIME People ❚ Beauty Trophy ❚ Events GLYCATIVE STRESSAND SLEEPQUALITY ITS IMPACTONAGEING RHINOPLASTY MINIMIZINGOEDEMA EYEBROW CORRECTION ANEWTECHNIQUE SKIN HYDRATION with a topical biomaterial