PRIME Journal Vol.10 Issue 5

NEWS | 10 September/October 2020 | MERZAESTHETICS® PRESENTSTHE NEWGLOBALFACEOFXEOMIN® A-LIST ACTRESS FRONTS NEWCONSUMER CAMPAIGN#DARETOSELFCARE fter a successful run featuring iconic Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, actress and entrepreneur Christie Brinkley as the face of Ultherapy® and Xeomin® introduced in 2017, Merz Aesthetics has tapped Gwyneth Paltrow for the company’s first global campaign for Xeomin® (incobotulinumtoxinA). Xeomin is marketed globally for medical aesthetics indications in select markets and is marketed as BOCOUTURE® in the EU. Ms. Paltrow is best known as an Oscar and Emmy- award-winning actor, author and entrepreneur, and the founder of goop®, the thriving lifestyle destination and celebrity brand. At age 48, she is universally considered an authority on beauty and wellness and has an extensive following of loyal devotees. The new campaign ties back to her personal philosophy on beauty, which is that women should give themselves the permission to do whatever they want to do in order to feel good. It will include Ms. Paltrow and select influencers encouraging women to take time for themselves and prioritize self-care, especially in the post-pandemic era. She will be sharing details about what she does personally to look and feel her best and will encourage women to do the same on social media using the campaign hashtag; #DareToSelfCare. ‘I am excited to partner with Merz to welcome my dear friend, Gwyneth Paltrow, as the brand ambassador for Xeomin. I believe Xeomin offers a new consideration for those interested in neurotoxin treatment but perhaps are concerned about additive. This is something that really resonates with Gwyneth and her audience,’ said Julius Few, MD, Director and Founder of The Few Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery with offices in Chicago and Los Angeles who administered her Xeomin treatment. ‘It’s such an exciting time for Merz Aesthetics and for our flagship brand, Xeomin,’ said Bob Rhatigan, Global Chief Executive Officer of Merz Aesthetics. ‘Gwyneth’s passion for knowledge and learning, and her deeply personal perspective on beauty and aging, are all qualities we at Merz Aesthetics admire in her, and the values we share as a company. We could not be more thrilled to be partnering with her to educate women around the world about a frown line treatment that is uniquely purified without unnecessary proteins. This is the first global integrated marketing campaign for Merz Aesthetics since the November 2019 announcement that they would be operating independently as the largest dedicated medical aesthetics business globally. MERZ AESTHETICS and XEOMIN are registered trademarks of Merz Pharma GmbH & Co. KGaA. goop® is a registered trademark of goop, Inc. Scientis has announced the results of the first head-to-head comparisons of cysteamine 5% cream (CYS) in clinical studies versus the gold standard modified Kligman formula (mKF) and in another one versus mesotherapy of tranexamic acid (TXA), for the treatment of melasma. Compared to mKF, CYS was proven to be more effective and much better tolerated. At month 2 and month 4, CYS produced significantly greater reductions from baseline in modified Melasma Area Severity Index (mMASI) score (32.3%, 51.3%), compared to mKF (23.7%, 42.3%; P=.005 and .001, respectively). In all, 76% of patients treated with CYS reported no skin irritation and no patient reported severe adverse effects with this treatment, whereas 84% of patients treated with mKF reported skin irritation, including 4% of patients reporting severe adverse effects. This investigator-driven, double-blind study evaluated 50 female melasma patients randomly assigned to use either CYS (Cyspera®, Scientis) or mKF (4% hydroquinone, 0.05% retinoic acid, and 0.1% betamethasone). Results were published on June 4, 2020 in Skin Research and Technology . Compared to TXA mesotherapy, significant efficacy in the improvement of melasma was established for the two treatments at each study visit. No patient in either group had a recurrence of melasma in the follow-up period. However, complications were much more frequent in the TXA group. CYS was significantly better tolerated than TXA mesotherapy for all assessment scores of erythema, dryness, itching, burning, and irritation; side effects in the CYS group rated as none or mild. All comparisons showed statistically significant results (P < 0.001). This independent, investigator- driven study evaluated 54 subjects randomized in two parallel groups with either CYS, or TXA mesotherapy (0.05mL). Results were published in Archives of Dermatological Research . These results confirm the significant efficacy, safety and tolerability of CYS demonstrated in every clinical study conducted on melasma patients to date. For me, beauty is about deepening happiness versus trying to chase youth. And it’s no secret that I’man open book when it comes to trying newbeauty regimens, but I want to knowwhat’s in a product before putting anything into my body. Finding highly purified and proven products is so important. That’s one of themany reasons I started using Xeomin a fewyears ago. — Gwyneth Paltrow SCIENTISUNVEIL CYSTEAMINE5% STUDYRESULTS A Bob Rhatigan, Global CEO of Merz Aesthetics Julius Few, MD, Director and Founder of The Few Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery