PRIME Journal Vol. 12 Issue 2

W ITH ALL THE CHANGE AND UPHEAVAL IN THE WORLD TODAY, IT IS comforting that some things are going back to howwe remember them. AMWC 2022 will take place in beautiful Monaco in its usual early-spring schedule for the first time in three years, and it is difficult not to feel excited at the thought of once again attending a congress on the scale of AMWC in person. I hope many of you will join me there for the rich and lively discussions, excellent scientific content, new products on show at the numerous exhibition floors, and openness and camaraderie the congress fosters among its attendees. Looking to the March/April issue, PRIME Journal benefits from bonus distribution at AMWC Monaco and exclusive access across the congress. Vigorexia is a new term coined to define a growing number of patients presenting to aesthetic practices. These patients believe they are pursuing a healthy lifestyle but are, in fact, harming themselves by the excessive nature of their over-dieting, over-exercising and constant desire for cosmetic treatments. The result is these patients actually look older than they should as the strain they put their bodies through speeds up the ageing process and damages the results from the cosmetic treatments they seek. You can read more about it on page 14 and it may even bring to mind some patients you have in your own practice. Next we have Wendy Lewis and part one of a two-part series looking at patient pain points in their aesthetic treatment journey. By taking a closer look at the patient journey, you can create interactions or ‘touchpoints’ that will help influence the patient’s behaviour to your benefit. It’s a fascinating topic and you can read the full feature on page 46. Wendy will also Chair a session during AMWC entitled ‘Marketing mistakes to avoid.’ During the session, an international panel of aesthetic practitioners will share their biggest marketing blunders as well as share their pearls of wisdom on what works. Another AMWC speaker and PRIME Journal regular, Jesper Thulesen, features this issue. Thulesen, an oculoplastic surgeon and aesthetic physician from Copenhagen, Denmark, writes about the importance of understanding the facial anatomy and the effects of ageing can lead to superior treatment strategies with HA fillers. You can read more on page 18. If you would like to attend AMWC Monaco in person next year, and I highly recommend you do, be sure to book your place at Aesthetic Multispecialty Society PremiumMembers will receive 20% off their delegate pass to AMWC 2023 as well as further enhanced benefits, and you can sign up here: . Balraj Juttla Editor, PRIME | EDITORIAL Follow us @PrimeJournal FINDUSON TWITTER, FACEBOOK & LINKEDIN Join PRIME’s editorial team for the latest updates in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine, debates, and interaction with your peers and colleagues, conference information and special offers Delicious Facebook Slash Dot Reddit Flickr MySpace Mixx FriendFeed Twitter StumbleUpon Skype YouTube Retweet Digg Technorati LinkedIn Flickr Twitter Retweet Search for Prime Journal Follow us @PrimeJournal Delicious Facebook Flickr MySpace Twitter Stumble Search for Prime Journal By taking a closer look at the patient journey, you can create interactions or ‘touchpoints’ that will help influence the patient’s behaviour to your benefit. INTERNATIONAL JOURNALOFAESTHETICANDANTI-AGEINGMEDICINE March/April2022 Volume 12 ❙ Issue2 Skin Rejuvenation: With Hybrid Lasers ❚ Events ❚ Industry News ❚ Patient Pain Points TREATINGTHE NASOLABIALFOLD POLYNUCLEOTIDESAND CROSS-LINKEDHA PERIORBITAL AUGMENTATION MASTERINGTHE TEARTROUGH AGEINGOF THEFACE THEROLEOF FILLERS VIGOREXIA A new form of body dysmorphia Cover image Retouching Linda Duong Affiliatedpartners: 4 March/April 2022 |