PRIME Journal Vol. 12 Issue 2

GOURI A FULLY LIQUID POLYCAPROLACTONE INJECTABLE FOR SKIN MATRIX REJUVENATION T ODAY’S AESTHETIC MARKET IS AN AVALANCHE OF THOUSANDS of non-invasive and minimally-invasive products which troubleshoot most of the patients’ problems and allow tomeet patients’ and doctors’ needs. A vast diversity of products lead to the division of the aesthetic market into two teams – those, who follow the trends, and those, who create their vision of “beauty” and follow it no matter what the trends are. Sometimes these two groups coincide when another change of trends happens, and sometimes they walk in a totally opposite direction. No matter what the case, one of the things that these two groups always have in common is skin quality. Flawless, youthful skin is a goal that is set “by default” whenever a new patient enters your procedure cabinet. Total skin rejuvenation to prevent skin ageing and problems caused by it includes perfecting skin tone, minimization of skin pores, skin hydration, restoration of volume loss, and increase of skin firmness and elasticity, whichmeans that the skin should be treated both on the outside and on the inside. While there are a lot of products to address most of these requests, skin elasticity improvement and liftingmethods were quite limited in options, especially when it comes to dermal injectables. Instead, doctors use medical devices for it, but devices also have their own disadvantages due to the size, price, technology etc. KEYWORDS Gouri, Skin rejuvenation, injectable DinkoKaliterna,MD, shareshowan innovativecollagen stimulator changedhispatients’ skincareprotocols DINKO KALITERNA, MD, RE Dermatologist, Poliklinika Poliderma, Zagreb, Croatia GOURI ismade of polycaprolactone (PCL)—awell- known inmedical and aesthetic field biopolymer. What makes it so unique is that GOURI’s PCL is fully solubilized. CASE STUDY | COLLAGEN STIMULATION | 42 March/April 2022 |