PRIME Journal Vol. 12 Issue 1

channels, core themes and topics, best performing posts and images, etc. The more you review your plan, the quicker you can respond to something that is not delivering results or may be negatively affecting your digital presence in some way. Build authentic engagements through snackable content Content is the heart and soul of the customer experience. It takes center stage when it comes to creating connections with patients and clients. As our attention spans keep shrinking, content needs to be fast and snackable to get seen by your audience. Headlines should be short and catchy. Videos are getting shorter; most people won’t watch videos that are longer than 30 seconds. Images should be crisp and clear to get more eyes on them. In a world where we are inundated with choices, it is increasingly hard to stand out. Start by building connections through sensibly paced marketing and content where you are building a strong, healthy relationship over time. Positioning your brand and business as a source of information can help get you there. Focus on developing a deeper connection with customers by providing real value. It is not just about speed, length, or time. It’s about finding the right data and using meaningful creative ideas. Strive to increase consumption of your content by consistently giving your audience text and visuals that resonate and are memorable. Content that is emotion-driven or personal tends to make people more loyal and build trust with a brand. They will also be more open to forgiving errors andmishaps that may arise along the way. There is no such thing as a perfect content strategy. Every strategy needs to evolve and change over time to stay current and interesting to your target audience. By nature, we are always hungry for a good story and an appealing graphic or image. Give your audience what they crave and cannot get everywhere else, and they will be more likely to keep coming back for more. Future of Content By all accounts, advancements in AI will push the envelope in terms of emerging trends in content creation and how content gets deployed. Pay close attention to these developments to stay on top of future innovations that will undoubtedly affect your content strategy. In the simplest terms, the ‘Metaverse’ (which combines the words ‘meta’ and universe’) can be defined as, “a digital place where people seamlessly get together and interact in millions of 3D virtual experiences.” It is considered a future evolution of the internet also referred to as Web 3.0 that promises a rise in 3-D or virtually augmented reality experiences. Right now, to me at least, it seems like a remake of Blade Runner, TheMatrix, or just another plan cooked up in Mark Zuckerberg’s big brain to torture us all. But it’s here and it’s happening, sowe can no longer afford to ignore this encompassing trend. As David Baszucki writes in WIRED 1 , ‘The Metaverse is arguably as big a shift in online communication as the telephone or the internet. Within the next fewdecades its applications will exceed our wildest imaginations.’ References 1. DavidBaszucki.TheMetaverse is coming.Wired.Jan2,2021.Available at : metaverse. [lastaccessed15 February2022.] | January/February 2022 37 | CONTENT STRATEGY | PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SHARE YOUR CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGYWITH KEY STAKEHOLDERS Best practice is to include all or most individuals in your practice to have a say in the content marketing strategy. This can help maintain a cohesive brand while minimizing duplication of efforts and keeping everyone on the same page. Sharing your documented strategy is also good practice for businesses that are just starting out with content marketing, for content teams that rely on internal or external subject matter experts, or for companies that outsource any part of the content creation and distribution process. How you communicate your strategy depends on the structure and culture of your organization. It is wise to get everyone on board with the strategy to make them feel part of something bigger than just themselves as an employee. This attitude will tend to generate a higher interest, camaraderie and interest in participating in the process as a team. Be sure to make it clear from the outset what is NOT acceptable; for example, a staff member posting a photo of a patient on his or her personal Instagram without express permission. Be sure tomake it clear from the outset what is NOT acceptable; for example, a staff member posting a photo of a patient on his or her personal Instagram without express permission.