PRIME Journal Vol. 12 Issue 1

CHINFILLER TREATMENTS DIFFERENCES BETWEENMALE AND FEMALE PATIENTS GrasielaCássiaMonteiro evaluates thechanging requirements and treatment strategieswhensearching for the ideal chin inmaleand femalepatients ABSTRACT The use of injectables in the chin area has grown in popularity in recent years. This minimally invasive facial aesthetic treatment is more popular than surgery in many recessed cases. Gender differences in the male face include a wider and larger chin and broader jawbones compared with females. The male face, in general, is squarer compared to the heart-shaped face of a woman. The male chin is also squarer compared to the female, which is more pointed. It is crucial for the correct assessment to be carried out before filler treatments in the chin area to avoid undesired masculinization or feminization of the face. In this paper, the author offers a review of the anatomy of the chin, special gender considerations for assessment and filler treatments, and special tips to use cannula in the mental area. The chin is of great importance for a beautiful face in both male and female patients. AESTHETIC FEATURE | INJECTABLES | 16 January/February 2022 |