PRIME Journal Vol. 11 Issue 4

PICOWAY® LASER BRANDED PROTOCOLS FOR TOTAL SKIN REJUVENATION ABSTRACT Facial rejuvenation procedures target various aspects of the ageing process to improve skin appearance. The picosecond laser is a technology used in a variety of dermatological indications and skin rejuvenation procedures. Growing evidence supports the safety and efficacy profile of picosecond laser treatments, expanding the utility of this technology. The PicoWay® Picosecond Laser System is a medical device developed for the delivery of ultra-short, pulsed laser energy aiming to deliver a broad range of tissue responses to achieve skin rejuvenation. This overview discusses the picosecond laser technology in general, detailed characteristics of the PicoWay laser system, and provides case reports where the PicoWay systemwas utilized to produce skin rejuvenation effects in different indications. The increasingly recognized evidence for positive clinical efficacy and the safety profile of laser technology suggest it may prove to be a popular treatment modality option for a total skin rejuvenation solution. F ACIAL REJUVENATION PROCEDURES COMPRISE A MYRIAD OF techniques and procedures that aim to restore skin youthfulness. Techniques and procedures are typically non-operative, minimally invasive (e.g., various injectables such as botulinum toxin or soft tissue fillers), and include modalities such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, skin resurfacing, light-based therapies, and non- surgical skin tightening. There are also many commercially available, over-the- counter skincare products. Although the regular use of these products may provide some benefit, there are limitations on what these products can achieve in terms of anti-ageing or rejuvenation. Facial rejuvenation procedures address various aspects of the ageing process that can surpass the effects observed from the regular use of topical skin products without employing invasive surgical methods. These procedures can achieve positive clinical outcomes successfully andmay provide additional beneficial effects when delivered in tandemwith appropriate skincare products. Facial rejuvenation treatments can further improve skin integrity by acting directly at the cellular level to restore a younger appearance in patients. Combination strategies allow for customised treatment plans, optimised clinical outcomes and improved patient satisfaction. With a wide variety of skin rejuvenation procedures, technical approaches can be customised for each patient based on their individual circumstances, needs and expectations. Many factors influence the selection of such procedures, which include KEYWORDS PicoWay, Lasers, non-invasive, pigmentation Eric Song*,WilliamWei-ChihKo, Chao-ChinWang, Alexander Kyungreal Lee, and RenitaLourdhurajan, describe themany uses for the latest picosecond laser fromCandelaMedical ERIC SONG, M.D., MPHIL, FRCPA, Reskin Medical, Sydney, Australia; WILLIAM WEI-CHIH KO, M.D., Le Renouveau Clinic, Taipei, Taiwan; CHAO-CHINWANG, M.D., Liberal Vigor Clinic, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Tainan Vigor Clinic, Tainan, Taiwan; ALEXANDER KYUNGREAL LEE, M.D., Skinda Dermatology, Bundang, South Korea; RENITA LOURDHURAJAN, M.D., D.N.B.6, RENDER Skin and Hair, Chennai, India CASE STUDY | SKIN REJUVENATION | 42 September/October 2021 |