PRIME Journal Vol. 11 Issue 4

INDUSTRY INSIDER | DEXLEVO | 20 September/October 2021 | Dexlevounveil GOURI toaddress the risingneed for fundamental anti-ageing skincare in the injectablemarket INTRODUCING GOURI THENEWGENERATIONOF DERMAL INJECTABLE FOR REALANTI-AGEINGCARE N ON OR MINIMALLY INVASIVE procedures are currently all the rage in aestheticmedicine because people prefer smaller, more ‘natural’ looking changes to find their own beauty. Plus, compared to surgical cosmetic procedures, they are much easier, less painful, and a lot safer. Our patients desire remarkable changes through the volumising effects of fillers and, therefore, a lot of volumising fillers have sprung up on the market. However, a new trend has emerged. Nowadays, more and more people are longing for ‘naturalness’ and fundamental anti-ageing care in the aesthetic medicine field. However, there hasn’t been a suitable product to meet those booming needs, because the existing market is focused on filling wrinkles, volumising, and temporary improvements. However, through stimulating collagen synthesis, we can find a fundamental solution for skin-ageing. GOURI, the new generation of dermal injectable, can satisfy the unmet needs, the naturalness, and the fundamental anti- ageing goals through collagenases across the entire face. ARTURO VELA. MD, PHD, is a Dermatologist, specialised in facial lines reduction and facial fillers, along with the latest techniques for face and body contouring; Mexico Collagen and skin ageing Most human organs are internal so we cannot directly witness what happens to them as we age. However, in regard to the skin, it’s a whole different story. The skin is the most visible external organ so it is quite obvious that the skin is considered a barometer of ageing. As the skin ages due to oxidative metabolism, the collagen inside of the skin gets degraded. At the same time, the collagen synthesis rate also decreases. As a result, dermal collagen levels are reduced. Collagen is the main component of the skin. Its main role is supporting our skin layer tightly, also holding HA to keep the skinmoisturised. A lack of dermal collagen causes many irritating symptoms of skin-ageing. Both the epidermis and dermis get thinner. Also, skin tension, elasticity, and flexibility decrease. A lot of visible fine and deep wrinkles occur and our skin loses its recovery ability. Boost collagen synthesis for fundamental anti-ageing care However, existing dermal fillers are mainly focused on fillingwrinkles or giving volume to a localised area. Tothosewholongfornaturalnessandfundamental anti-ageing care, the above products are not suitable. Also, we cannot overlook the side-effects of existing fillers related to themicro-particles inside of them. GOURI’s distinctive features Using CESABP technology, DEXLEVO’s patented technology, GOURI, restores the collagen synthesis GOURI, the new generation of derma injectable, can satisfy above booming needs, the naturalness and the fundamental Anti-Aging through collagenesis on the entire face.