PRIME Journal Vol. 11 Issue 4

INDUSTRY INSIDER | GALDERMA | 16 September/October 2021 | GALDERMA’S RESTYLANE® THEWORLD’S FIRST STABILIZED, FDA-APPROVED NON-ANIMALDERMALFILLER, HITS ANOTHERMILESTONE R ESTYLANE IS THE ORIGINAL NON- animal stabilized hyaluronic acid dermal filler, having been originally launched by Q-Med AB in Upsala, Sweden in 1996. Since its introduction, Restylane has consistently been known as a trusted and reliable brand. Its first landmark was as the first dermal filler to be granted FDA approval in the U.S. in 2003. Restylane provides instant results that have been clinically proven to last well, and to date, there have been over 50million treatments 1 . The rangeof RestylaneDermal Fillers and Restylane Skin Boosters can be tailored to any individual look to enhance and refine facial features. Building a heritage brand To date, Galderma boasts a diverse portfolio of injectable agents, including Sculptra® Aesthetic Injectable Poly-L Lactic Acid and Azzalure® (Dysport® in the US), and Botulinum Toxin Type A. Their versatile range of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers is based on two complementary technologies; NASHA™ and OBT™. NASHA™ (Non-Animal, Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid) patented technology creates a more precise, firmer gel texture intended for a more pronounced lift. OBT™ (Optimal Balance Technology), known as XpresHAn Technology in the U.S. These unique technologies and gel consistencies offer healthcare practitioners a wide range of tools to provide patients with individualized and tailored results. This may account for the high rate of patient satisfaction with treatment; 99% would recommend a treatment with Restylane to a friend 2 . Restylane has an average patient satisfaction of 98.25% at one month based on 13 studies across 25 years 3 . According to Flemming Ørnskov, Galderma’s Chief WENDY LEWIS is Founder/ President of Wendy Lewis & Co Ltd, Global Aesthetics Consultancy since 1997, author of 13 books, Editor in Chief of , and frequent presenter on the international stage. Her first textbook, Aesthetic Clinic Marketing in the Digital Age (CRC Press) will debut a second edition in 2021. contact Executive Officer: ‘Galderma has a strong heritage built on over two decades of aesthetic innovation. We are proud to have the world’s most diverse portfolio of injectable technologies to meet individual patient aspirations and supply our healthcare practitioners with the right tools to provide a holistic treatment approach. As a company rooted in science, we consistently strive for a higher standard. We have the most referenced clinical studies as the gold standard of dermal fillers cited in >360 publications 4 and a proven safety record with more than 160 clinical publications reporting data from >10,000 patients 5 .’ Launched in 2013, Restylane Skinboosters®, also designed with NASHA™ technology, incorporate a form of hyaluronic acid that naturally integrates into the skin to improve skin smoothness, appearance and elasticity in the lower cheek and jawline, upper neck and backs of the hands. Flemming continues, ‘At Galderma, we have an individualized approach to aesthetic treatments. We empower everyone to fulfil their individual goals by offering treatments that can be tailored to their personal needs and desires.’ According to Dr Priya Chaddha, a Maxillofacial Surgeon in London, UK, ‘Restylane® at 25 years is an incredible achievement—it’s huge. There are medically provenand scientifically robust dataout there to support all their fillers, which for me as a plastic surgeon is of paramount importance. The biggest impact Restylane® has had in terms of my practice is the versatility it offers. The uniqueness of Restylane is the fact that it can complement any stage of ageing, which translates into confidence for my patients. If I had to describe Restylane in three words, I would say effortless scientific superiority.’ Restylane® turns 25withover 50million treatments todate 1